Conditions Treated

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Green Apples provides the Best of the Clinical Nutrition Therapies with the blends of worldwide popular Drugless Healing therapies for treatment of broad spectrum of lifestyle modification & stress management conditions. Dr. Ketki S. Itraj specializes in helping overseas Indian Students & residents,  over-worked professionals (IT/Bank/Insurance etc), Models, Reporters, Sales & Media people, Corporate professionals to maintain their health, control & management of diseases & parenting. Conditions treated are listed as popular packages & category wise below.

You can also brows conditions treated from outside category wise.

      Our Popular Treatment Packages
Weight Loss Thyroid & Other Hormonal Mgt
Vitamin Therapy Detox Therapy
Diabetes Care PCOD / PCOS & Women Health
Cholesterol Care Healthy Heart -Care
Women Health Strength, Vigor , Vitality Boost
Family Assessment & Treatments Seasonal Allergies & Intolerance Relief
Digestive-Care Sleep disturbances Relief
Fertility Aid De-addiction Therapy
Eating Disorders Anti-Aging Therapy
GeriaCare (Senior Citizen Health) Kiddi Care (Kid’s Health)
Menopause-Care Wellness Screening
Stress Management (Mgt) Anxiety & Mood Swings Mgt
Categories  List Of Diseases/Conditions
Lifestyle Disorders Weight Loss/Gain
  Blood Pressure (High/Low/Fluctuations)
  Diabetes (Pregnancy Induced-GDM/ Type-1/Type-2)
  Cholesterol Management
  Heart Problems (Preventive/Pre & Post Operative, Mainainance)
  Piles, Fissure, Fistulae
  Various Hormonal Conditions (Thyroid / Hormonal Imbalance etc)
  Nutritional Deficiencies
  Excessive fatigue, Lethargy, lack of interest
  Sleep Disturbances (Insomnia etc)
  Confusion, Back pains, Behavioral & Psychosomatic Issues
Digestive  Disorders Ulcers
  Excessive Acidity (GERD)
  Burping, farting, Excessive gases
  Chron’s, IBS
  Pre-post operative cases
Child   Health  Assessment of Health (0-18yrs)
  Weight Gain/Loss
  Pica (Eating non-food items), Cravings, Eating Disorders
  Bedwetting & other Behavioral Issues
  Fuzzy eating & counseling
  Teenage counseling & Treatments
Women   Health Weight Loss/gain
  Bridal Health (Pre-marriage Health consultations)
  Aesthetics (Skin, Acne, Hair etc)
   Anti-aging Therapies
  Detox Therapies
  PCOD & other  Infertility cases
  Pregnancy, Lactation
  Mood swings, Pre-menstrual troubles(PMS)
  Menopausal Treatments
  Post 30yrs / Post 40-60yrs Health assessment & treatment
  Weakness, poor stamina, Arthritis, Joint Pains
Fertility   Aid Bridal / Groom Health (Pre-marriage Health consultations)
  PCOD, PCOS -Hormonal Troubles
Stress   Management Anger Management
  Emotional Worries & query counseling’s
  De-addictions Treatments
  Other Psychosomatic & Behavioral
Psychosomatic & Behavioral Issues Anxiety, Frustrations
  Over aggressiveness, Emotional Un-control
  Lack of confidence
  Mood swings & Emotional drifts
Special   Clinical   Cases Pre & Post Operatives
  Rheumatic Diseases (Arthritis, Gout etc)
  Cancers , HIV
  Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas
  Kidney disorders
  Tube feeding consultations
  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Senior   Citizen Complete Health Assessment & Mainainance
  Pre-existing disease Mgt
  Digestion support (Constipation, Multi-Medicine mgt etc)
  Emotional Troubles, Sleep Disturbances, Behavioral Issues
  Seasonal Allergies (cough, cold, fever), Poor Immunity
  Arthritis, Joint Pains
Other / Emergency We have highlighted specific Issues. Unable to find your troubles above? Are you dealing with Emergency? Write to us.  We will get back to you personally!

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Our Success Stories

• 15 kg weight loss / 04 Months with clinical Improvements in cholesterol & other problems.
• 8 kg weight loss / 3 Months with reduced Hypothyroid Medications.
• Clinical improvement in PCOD profile with complete stoppage of medicines.
• 8 kg weight loss / 40 days without crash diet.
• 3 Kg weight loss / 15 days without exercise.
• Recently started B.P. tablets stopped within 2 months.
• Joint pains and Sugars within 1 month down to normal.
• Significant control for IBS with Impaired Lipid Profile
• Recently diagnosed Diabetes controlled & tablets stopped completely within 3 months !
• Post-Operative Tinnitus & psychic troubles controlled with BP control in 1 month…
MANY MORE…….. (Check out our Fb-pg album for the same)!

What’s New

• Membership Cards – With great demand from client’s end, announcing yearly membership packages! Call us for details.
•E-Consultation packages for
-Diabetes Care
-Quit Smoke/Alcohol
-Senior Citizen
– Child & Women Care
– Cholesterol Management
•Exclusive Offer catelogue page with lots of offers!
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