Why Green Apples

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 Why Dr. Ketki S. Itraj…

(Founder-Director, Consultant Green Apples)

1.  8yrs+experience with license to practice as Registered Dietitian, Naturopath.
2.  Expert in Holistic & Naturopathic practice, A multi-linguist, Speaker, God-Lover, Writer with well known publications – print media, EBooks
3.  International Diabetic Association Certification holder
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Dr. Ketki’s Green Apples believes in

1.  Food as a Medicine
2.  Stress Mgt, Holistic Health & Preventive Approaches as a key for Healthy Living
3.  Ethical Medico-Nutritional Practice
4.  Best of the Client/patient-Dr Rapport
5.  Ease of timely communication with pre-fixed communication
6.  Precise management skills & decency

Green Apples’s  U.T.M. (Unique Treatment Model)

1.  Personalized assessment & individual diet plans with lifestyle modification & stress mgt
2. Timely prescriptions of Nutraceuticals/ Herbal & Holistic supplements along with our          unique herbal products made exclusively for our valuable clients.
3.  Flexible choice of packages based on duration of treatment with E-Payment System.

Specialties of Green Apples’s treatment plans

1.  Online consultation  with E-prescriptions as the easiest mode of treatment
2.  Prefixed appointments – No need of fixing it again & again!!!!
3.   Get Monitored, Communicate and Consult with Dr. Ketki herself!
4. Pre-scheduled follow ups to rule out queries & progress assessment with Dr.  Ketki
5. Strictly Medico-nutritional therapy & No more crash diets!
6. Home Delivery of supplements/Herbal Medicines across the globe!
7. Strictly Medico-nutritional therapy & No more crash diets!
8. Nutritional plans considering Religious traditions, location & practical problems too!

How Green Apples’s consultations benefits?

1.  Healthy Living– Stay disease free, Boost your optimum performance
2.  Preventive Care– Goodbye to diseases! Achieve Perfect Health (Physical+emotional+social)
 3.  Curative– Cure Nutritional deficiencies & block outs to let your body function normal
4.  Supportive– Disease oriented Clinical Nutrition
  •  4.1 To minimize side effects & dose of allopathic treatment
  • 4.2 To avoid drug-Nutrient Interactions
  • 4.3 To support immunity, non-diseased cells to recover faster
5.  Advanced Nutrition & Holistic Blends– Anti aging, Detox & more for Image & personality maintenance