Terms & Disclaimer

  1. E-Consultation: E-consultation allows outside patient department extended up to online mode of consultation supported with E-prescriptions whenever needed.
  2. One can choose telephonic / video consultation (skype) options as per individual choice meant for technical aids communication.
  3. Green Apples assure you of the best possible efforts for those who apply for online trial treatment and treatment based on virtual consultations considering advantages and limitations of online mode of consulting.
  4. Green Apples provides non-emergency alternate medicinal treatments and not intended to replace or substitute conventional treatment and physician consultations.
  5. It is considered that users applying for any of our services & using literature from website has read and agreed to this disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy & all other legal obligationsreleased by Green Apples Viewing literature, Opting for any services provided by Green Apples and continuing with them is a sole responsibility and decision of an individual customer / client / patient at their own risk.
  6. Green Apples, Dr.Ketki S. Itraj & other associates / partners / sponsorers holds no liability and responsibility regarding any consequences caused directly or indirectly by use of any services or literature of Green Apples.
  7. Activation of all the services is subjected to complete transaction of fees where an individual client is expected to provide an authentic proof for transaction to Green Apples.
  8. An individual applying for services of Green Apples is agreeable to provide nationality proof, residential proof, incometax proof, and proof of Identity whenever demanded. This is meant to protect services from cyber crime & other security reasons.
  9. Green Apples holds no refund policy for whatsoever reason including cancellation of an appointment or services. The fees paid can be forwarded to next consultation or service availed for the same customer only.
  10. All the services availed are confined to validity and time limits where Green Apples holds all the rights for changing any of these without prior intimation.
  11. Green Apples do not promises results as in nutritional / medical practice individual’s response is variable subjected to their own genetic makeup, medical history, age, sex, hormonal stability, lifestyle and willingness for consistent treatment.
  12. Information provided by customer/client/patient is solely taken as a reliable source of information for all necessary data collection and official records. This is individual customer’s responsibility to provide accurate, true and valid information where Green Apples will hold no responsibility regarding any of the related consequences. This information and data can be used by Green Apples for any of the purposes.
  13. Services can be freezed if and only if is informed to Green Apples in advance. Green Apples will hold all the rights to review and officially allow or deny for freezing.
  14. Maximum freezing duration is six months additionally subjected to freezing fees to be paid by the customer.
  15. Green Apples holds no transfer policies for any of the services which prevent customer/patient/client to carry forward or transfer their service by the name of other person.
  16. Green Apples holds all the rights to revise / change in any of the services or packages or fees structure or legal policies without any prior intimation.
  17. Due to the complex nature of Nutrition, Alternate medicine & any of the drugless holistic therapies prescribing, please note that it is not within the scope of the online treatment service to give any elaborate explanation on the prescription.
  18. The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing medical doctor.
  19. The patients who seeks treatment will need to make sure that local laws of the state or country of their residence allows them to take nutritional, alternate medicine and the Holistic remedies can be received by them in any form.
  20. The Holistic, alternate, nutritional medicines are essentially free from side effects. Our organization runs a reputed healthcare center in India and possesses legal and medical registration for practicing Naturopathy & Dietetics across India.