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Looking For pcod diet? Seeking for right advice about how to lose weight? Do you know obesity, pcos, diabetes, are all linked together?  Get your diseases cured with holistic -drugless healing with extensive online consulting features. You can also opt for condition specific treatment packages which involves combination of diet therapy with other drugless therapies supporting the best of your health. contact us with your details. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

     Holistic Ways + pcod diet / other diets = Goodbye worries!!

  • Do you know with these uncontrolled parameters you are lowering your quality & quantity of life? Am sure everyone wishes to reduce their medication dosage!!
  • Diabetes, weight loss , pcos diet or other condition  you name, & get treated with diet! We have blends of various  holistic treatments that helps you to treat. prevent & manage your diseases without hampering your healthy life!
  • Fumbling life with tons of uncertainty variables like your time management?
  • Are you afraid of your hair fall & dull skin in late 20’s? Tired of trying everything for your kid’s health? Looking for pregnancy diet advice?
  • Troubled with your conception with PCOD and other problems?
  • Do you know pcos diet By Dr.Ketki has cured patients?
  • Are you not Really able to make downloaded diet plan (thanks to search engines) into practice?
  • Have you finally understood randomized diet plan won’t work for everyone & will vary as per body structure & biochemical parameters?

If you would like Dr. Ketki to personally guide you, cll us now to discuss your health-issues! Do review her success stories. Green Apples presents unique treatment model for the best of the comfort of our valuable clients. Feel free to brows health packages, courses you would like to opt for. If you are keenly looking for interactive seminars / health talks for your company employees/groups, you can write us for the same.

Feel free to drop in direct mail at : contact@greenaapples.com Or WhatsApp +91 976 436 4946

What is We offer you updated clinical nutrition & highly personalized diet treatments for various diseases & conditions.
Consultation on / We offer pcod diet/ Obesity/High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol lowering/Diabetes/ Heart troubles/Acidity /Gases/Ulcers/IBS/Constipation/ Piles/Weaning food(6mo-1 yr kids)/PCOS/Menstrual Probs/Acne/Hair fall/Constipation/Gout/Bone health/Pregnancy / Lactation /Joint Pain/ Arthritis/ Dark circles/ Hairfall/ Anti Aging & other specific conditions
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